Use the Timbercoat System to achieve:
Class 1,0 +B s1 d0
– 1 coat Timbercoat basecoat  (20 & 80 sq m packs) with 1 or 2 coat SFR Dualcoat
30 & 60 minutes
– 3 coats Timbercoat basecoat  (5 kg packs) with 1 coat SFR Dualcoat

Suitable for Internal & external use
Saves time and money.


In this TV Demo the product is Thermoguard Timbercoat.

Timbercoat is an intumescent paint used to retard the spread of flame on bare timber or previously painted wood. the TV Demo shows  protective insulating barrier, in the form of a deep char, forms on exposure to fire.

When exposed to fire Thermoguard Timbercoat expands to create a barrier, insulating wood from heat and oxygen to prevent wood burning & fire penetration.
Timbercoat is a one coat intumescent basecoat and is used in our TV demo.


Our  TV Demo …

Timbercoat’s fire protection and fire retarding properties were demonstrated in the Megastructures TV documentary Building from Disaster:

Identical, unprotected panels were burnt in parallel with a Timbercoat protected one and were shown to burn through completely within as little as 6 mins. In the video the nearest panel has a Timbercoat coating, the middle panel has a normal paint finish and the end panel is untreated timber. On the Timbercoat panel charring was restricted to 2mm, retaining integrity and insulation throughout a 45 min maximum severity burn (more severe than BS 476 part 22). At the end of the test the Timbercoat panel was not burned through, as the other panels were, and the back of it could be touched bare-handed.

Timbercoat is always overcoated with a decorative flame retardant finish.