Project Description

Thermocoat WI

Thermocoat WI

Thermocoat WI & WO is a water-based intumescent paint system providing fire resistance to structural steel and cast iron that may be applied by brush, roller or airless spray.

A compatible decorative overcoat system ensures the system will enhance the building’s architectural and design features.

Thermoguard Thermocoat W is a low-odour, water-based coating, making it user and environmentally friendly.

The range of topcoats are either water-based or 2010 compliant and safe to use in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

  • Water based Intumescent for structural steel
  • For 30 mins protection: 1 thick coat – 2.5kg 4 linear m, 5kg 8 linear m, 20kg 32  linear m –  if in any doubt please contact us.
  • For 60, or 90 minutes protection: contact us for further advice specific to your project


  • 30 & 60 Minute Resistance
  • Steel & Iron


  • 2.5kg

  • 5kg

  • 20kg


  • Primer

Fire Rating

  • Upto 120 minutes Resistance to Fire