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Flamespread Class O and new Class B s1 dO

Inherently non-combustible surfaces such as plasterboard, concrete and brick can become a potential fire hazard due to repeated redecoration with conventional paints.

Different paint types from a variety of manufacturers have generally been used over many years. In a fire thick layers of old different types of paint or wallpaper tend to de-laminate, rapidly catching and spreading fire, smoke and toxic gasses around a building.

Flame retardant paints which emit toxic Antimony-based gasses in a fire have been applied to many buildings.

1 coat Thermoguard Wallcoat & 1 coat Wallcoat SFR Smoke & Flame Retardant effectively controls flamespread, smoke and toxic gas any type, number and combination of antimony-based and other wall paints or wallpaper. Thermoguard Certify protected buildings to Class O and new Class b s1 dO.

Fire Resistance 30 > 60 > 90 > 120 mins

Sometimes concrete, plasterboard or cement board ceilings or walls are not thick enough to acheive the required Fire Resistance time. 3 thick or 4 good coats Thermoguard Wallcoat intumescent can be used to add 30 mins Fire Resistance to these surfaces.