How do I choose the right product?2017-07-27T12:59:34+01:00

This chart will give you the basics,  but if in doubt give us a call or use one of our handy forms (find them on the Contact Us page)

BS & RAL Colours & Woodstains2017-07-27T13:07:19+01:00
BS and RAL Colours and Woodstains
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BS & RAL Colours & Woodstains

Thermoguard can produce many of its products in a huge range of colours and wood stains. See our BS & RAL Colours & Woodstains charts below for details. Many NCS colours available on application.  Our woodstain range includes many traditional shades as well as the modern fashionable pale whites.

Please give us details when you order. If you need something special please ask us, we may be able to help.

The final shade is dependant on the substrate and the number of coats applied. In the opaque range we can offer the BS and RAL colours for you. As with all colour charts, we cannot guarantee that colours shown online will exactly match the actual product. This is due to differences between screens and lighting conditions etc. The colour charts supplied here must only be treated as a guide, final colours also depend on substrate colours.

Click image to download the pdf:

Can I get an account with you?2017-07-10T13:24:14+01:00

Thermoguard welcome applications for accounts

from merchants and other suitable businesses in the UK and Ireland.

Click for Application Document

Please contact us for further details
Visit our Contact Us page  where you can use our General Enquiry Form or Phone us.

How does the “Fire Safety Order 2005” affect me?2017-07-27T13:08:38+01:00

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
(UK regulation – other areas may differ)

The Fire Safety Order 2005 applies to all non-domestic premises, including the communal areas of apartment blocks.
The Order designates those in control of premises as the responsible person for fire safety in communal areas.
In the case of apartment blocks, this duty falls on landlords and building owners. They have the duty to ensure that a risk assessment is carried out to identify hazards and risks, and remove and reduce these as far as possible.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires property managers to comply with current fire standards for corridors, stairways, entrance lobbies etc.

Multiple layers of incompatible paints
“Multi-Layer” can create dangerous Class 4 or EN Class D + E Surface Spread of Flame risk.

British Class O is superseded by the safer standard BS EN Class B s1 dO.

Many Flame Retardant Paint Systems have contained the heavy metal Antimony and create poisonous, antimony gasses, increasing risk in a fire.

Consider  Thermoguard WALLCOAT system

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Is there any product training available for merchants specifiers etc.2017-07-27T13:11:23+01:00


We are delighted to provide training for staff of Paint Merchants and Specifiers etc.

Training can be for small groups, or even one to one in some circumstances.

Talk to your local Thermoguard Sales Associate or call our Technical Department.

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Do you Deal with Architects / Specifiers2017-07-27T13:12:29+01:00


We are happy to work with Architects and specifiers to help achieve the fire safety and the desired look or finish.
We can provide training and support for your staff.

Our technical team would be pleased to hear from you.

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Do I need to use specialist contractors to apply your coatings?2017-07-27T13:13:53+01:00


….unlike some other companies, we have developed our products so they can be applied by any competent tradesman with normal painting skills.

We do not insist on you using expensive “certified”  contractors. Of course, we always advise that all uses should follow our published health and safety and ventilation guidelines.

Once completed, you can apply for a certificate for building control, insurance or building management purposes.

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I have a big project – can you deliver to my site?2017-07-27T13:14:54+01:00

Yes we can arrange delivery for you,

Or your paint merchant can arrange for us to deliver direct to your site.
There may be a minimal charge – call your Paint Merchant or us for details. We can normally provide a next working day delivery to your merchant or to your site.

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How do I apply Thermoguard Products?2017-07-27T13:16:02+01:00


All of our main products can be applied by regular brush, roller, or spray equipment. Full details are given on our Data sheets.

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What does fire resistance mean, is it the same as fire retardant?2017-07-27T13:17:18+01:00

Fire resistance is normally used to indicate an amount of time that a component of a building will remain safe or intact.  For example Structural Steel is often required to have “30 minutes” resistance to fire: this means that it must remain below a critical temperature so it does not lose its structural strength for that 30 minute period – allowing safe evacuation of the building and control of the fire. The products that achieve this fire resistance are usually Intumescent, meaning that they expand and protect when subjected to fire. Other uses of the term fire resistance include the compartmentalisation of spaces. and in this context relate to the time a wall, partition, or door can withstand the passage of fire.


These terms are often confused,
and no,
they are not the same!

Please also see  “FIRE STANDARDS” on our website.

(You can see an intumescent coating at work by clicking on the”TV Demo” link at the foot of this page.)

Fire retardant on the other hand, refers in the main to the rate of flamespread and related areas like smoke and toxic emissions. You will often hear terms like “Class 1”,“Class 0” or  more recently, the new “Class B” in this context. These terms relate to testing to British and International standards where the spread of flame, the amount of smoke, flaming droplets and levels of toxins are measured in strictly controlled situations.Note: Fire Retardant and Fire Resistant products are often used in combination, Usually with a retardant product acting as a top coat over an intumescent fire resistant product.

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I only have a small job, can you still help me?2017-07-27T13:18:13+01:00

Of course!

If your project is big or small, our service is exactly the same.
Individuals, Small traders, Contractors, Merchants, Engineers, Architects, Developers – we will talk to them all!

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Are your products environmentally friendly?2017-07-27T13:19:28+01:00


We make every effort to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Many of our products are water based and we comply with the best manufacturing practices.
See Data Sheets on each product page.

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Can you provide coloured or tinted finishes?2017-07-27T13:20:44+01:00


Many of our products are available in BS and RAL colours, Wood stains, and special tints.

Details are given on product pages.

Need a colour matched? Give us a call we will try to help.

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How do I get a certificate for Building Control?2017-07-27T13:21:37+01:00


We have a simple on line form that you can complete on completion of the job. We check the details and normally send out a certificate by email within 5 days.  Oh, our certificates are free too!

For More Information and Application Form CLICK HERE



Can Thermoguard come to my site to specify and estimate?2017-07-27T13:22:39+01:00


If necessary, we will consider visiting your site to help specify and estimate.

However many of our products are supplied in packs designed to cover set areas (20sm metres for example). This is to make life easier for our customers to work out quantities required.

Our highly experienced telephone helpline staff can often resolve your questions and actually avoid a site visit saving you time and money. – Call us and ask for advice.

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Can I use Fire Varnish outside?2017-07-10T13:40:58+01:00


We have both internal and external overcoats for fire Varnish. We have developed  a specific product for external use.

Details of both topcoats are given on this website.

Fire varnish is also available in a range of woodstain colours too!

What is this new BS EU Class B standard – is it like Class O?2017-07-27T13:24:15+01:00


– The new fire standard BS EN test lasts 20 mins. with airflow replaces the old BS 476 tests which lasted 10 mins and strangely restricted airflow.
– The new standard for flamespread and heat release Class B replaces Class O.
The new BS EN tests also monitor –
– Smoke & Gas “s” – s1 + s2 are none or very low & compliant, s3 = moderate smoke, s4 = heavy smoke.
– Flaming Droplets or Airborne particulates – dO is none, d1 = low, d2 = moderate d3 = high levels.

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How do I work out how much I need?2017-07-27T13:25:09+01:00


Many of our products are now sold in packs designed to cover a specified area – 20 sq metres for example.
This means in many cases you can simply pick your product straight off the shelf. In addition our website gives detailed data sheets for our products which give details in greater depth.
If you are still in doubt just call our technical help line for friendly advice.

We always recommend you call us if you have any questions – we are here to help!

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Where can I buy Thermoguard Products?2017-07-27T13:25:58+01:00


You can order Thermoguard products from all good paint merchants who will be able to offer you advice and help.

Even if they do not have stock it can normally be supplied to them the next day.

Call us for details of merchants in your area.

We can provide an estimating service free of charge by telephone or using one of our Forms. See our CONTACT US page.

Please take care if ordering from an on-line supplier, use ONLY well known reputable companies.

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