The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
(UK regulation – other areas may differ)

The Fire Safety Order 2005 applies to all non-domestic premises, including the communal areas of apartment blocks.
The Order designates those in control of premises as the responsible person for fire safety in communal areas.
In the case of apartment blocks, this duty falls on landlords and building owners. They have the duty to ensure that a risk assessment is carried out to identify hazards and risks, and remove and reduce these as far as possible.

The Fire Safety Order 2005 requires property managers to comply with current fire standards for corridors, stairways, entrance lobbies etc.

Multiple layers of incompatible paints
“Multi-Layer” can create dangerous Class 4 or EN Class D + E Surface Spread of Flame risk.

British Class O is superseded by the safer standard BS EN Class B s1 dO.

Many Flame Retardant Paint Systems have contained the heavy metal Antimony and create poisonous, antimony gasses, increasing risk in a fire.

Consider  Thermoguard WALLCOAT system

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